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Davis Lake Fire District De-annexation Plan

The Davis Lake Fire District De-annexation Plan

We are writing this to explain any questions you may have about the Davis Lake Fire District de-annexation plan.

What is de-annexation? De-annexation is a process by which any property that has a residence or business is annexed into another fire district or municipality.

The charge or fee for de-annexation will be 5 times the amount of the annual dues paid to the Davis Lake Fire District the preceding year. The de-annexation charge or fee is to be paid by the annexing municipality or the property owner involved in the proceedings.

This de-annexation plan is the normal procedure for fire districts. This de-annexation plan is a budget leveling device to help the fire district plan a budget to ensure necessary revenue to run the fire district.

This de-annexation plan will come up for a vote by members of the Davis Lake Fire District for approval before it goes into effect.

This charge or fee does not involve people moving from one residence or business to another. This is not a moving charge.

If you have any questions, please call us at 467-3533 or come by the office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and we will be happy to talk with you about any concerns or questions you may have.

Donald Toole - Fire Investigator 1

Don Toole is on the DLFD Board of Directors.

We congratulate Don for completing the requirements for Fire Investigator 1.


Donald Toole
Fire Investigator 1

Fire Investigator is a person who is capable of conducting a fire investigation which is the process of determining the origin of the fire, the cause of the fire and development of a fire or explosion. The investigator should have an up-to-date minimum knowledge of the following topics for fire investigations: fire science, fire chemistry, thermodynamics, thermometry, fire dynamics, computer fire modeling, fire investigation, fire analysis, fire investigation methodology, fire investigation technology, hazardous materials, failure analysis and analytical tools, fire protection systems, evidence documentation and collection and preservation, electricity and electrical systems.


Congratulations - Forestry Certification

Congratulations to our Fire Fighters for completing Forestry Certification School
  • Dale Trottier
  • Cyndi Day
  • Colby Headley
  • Paul Payne
  • Nick Kent
  • Gabriel Santiago
  • Channing Gallups

Certified Volunteer Firefighters

These are the graduates from the Alabama Fire College 160 Certification Course. 
They are now Certified Volunteer Firefighters. 

Cyndi Day 
Michael Gaskill 
Nathan Underwood - not pictured
Colby Stanford - Firefighter